Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clearing the Way for Words

February, the grimmest of all months in New England, is also the best month for featuring guest writers on my blog.  They inspire me, lift my spirits, and turn my focus back not just to the work, but to the joy of writing.  And joy is just what is needed during these long weeks of darkness, ice, snow, and temperatures so cold they rival the North Pole (not hyperbole, I've checked!).

Here, for your pleasure and inspiration, is guest Susan Ito, faculty member in our MFA program (Contemporary Women's Stories, Generational Histories: Writing about Family) and one of the best writing guides I know:

Creating the Way for Words

I’ve been dealing with some writing “stuckness” in the past month or so. And I’ve been aware that it’s had to do with both inner and outer obstacles. The writing was just not happening.  Read more...

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